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4th International Congress on Advances in Mechanical and Systems Engineering
Virtual Mode

8th International Conference on Soft Computing: Theories and Applications
Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Una, INDIA

2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Sustainable Environment
Bundelkhand University, Jhansi

1st International Conference on MAchineinTelligence for Research & Innovations
Dr B R NIT Jalandhar

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Travel Grant

Student Author Travel Grant(s)

The Society offers a small number of supplemental travel grants to eligible and selected STEM-RS student members who are authors, and plan to present and publish an accepted paper at an STEM-RS meeting that offers the Student Author Travel Grant.

What does this grant cover?

-Each grant is intended to partially reimburse travel expenses for the shortest route (3rd AC Train fare).
-Meals and the conference registration fee are NOT eligible for reimbursement.
-Grants typically range from ₹2000 - ₹5000 per domestic traveler and ₹5000 per international traveler, but may be more or less, depending on the funds available.

Who is eligible?

-You must be a current STEM-RS Student Member when you apply, as well as when you present your paper.
-You must be a full-time student author in a graduate program/post graduate, who will present your accepted paper at the STEM-RS meeting and submit your manuscript to be published in the Proceedings of STEM-RS Events.
-You must submit your complete application and we must receive a letter of recommendation from your advisor or department head by the deadline.

Who is NOT eligible?

Postdoctoral students (students who have completed their PhD, ScD, or MD program) are NOT eligible.
If you have received an STEM-RS Student Author Travel Grant for any STEM-RS meeting within the last 18 months, you are NOT eligible.

How do I apply?

Applications open after we notify authors of acceptance and placement in the conference program.
We recommend you to submit your application before 45 days of the STEM-RS Event.
Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

When are grant applicants notified?

Grant applicants will be notified approximately 3-4 weeks after the application deadline.

How are grant recipients reimbursed?

Grant recipients must collect and submit a copy of their travel receipts (in Original) for reimbursement within 30 days of the meeting. Reimbursements will be made by online transaction after the meeting. Reimbursements will not exceed the total amount of the submitted receipts or grant.

Due to Virtual meet, conference registration fees (for both events of STEM-RS) will be waived for Student Best Paper Award (for Registered members only)